Bankart Repair Surgery for Shoulder Dislocation

The Arthroscopic Bankart Repair is an effective technique to cure patients that have recurrent shoulder instability. The majority of patients who undergo a traumatic anterior displacement of their shoulder will tear the fibrocartilage labrum at the front of the shoulder. Many of these patients will go on to develop recurrent instability in their shoulder and keep dislocating. This will have an important effect on the ability to take part in sport and sometimes also their work. It is the tear in the labrum that is mainly responsible for allowing their shoulder to endure dislocation. It has been recognized that if only patients with a pure labral tear are cured with an arthroscopic bankart repair then the results are as high as an open repair. The aim of operation is to return people to full normal sporting person and work activities and the risk of a re-dislocation in this situation is less than 7% with a well-performed arthroscopic procedure.

The Arthroscopic Bankart process repairs this tear in the labrum and by doing so restores stability to the shoulder.  This process can be performed either open or arthroscopically.  Earlier it was believed that the arthroscopic repair was not as fruitful as the open repair.Patients that have torn not just the labral cartilage at the front of the shoulder but have also cut off a segment of bone when they displaced need of a surgical process that will deal with the loss of bone.

Symptoms of Bankart tear or lesions are:

  • Extreme shoulder pain
  • Repeated shoulder dislocations
  • Repetitive instances where the shoulders give out during any physical activity
  • Sensation of the shoulder feeling unfastened, slipping out of the joint or “hanging there”

During the minimally invasive Bankart repair surgery, your Shoulder Surgeon will make minor incisions in the front and back of the shoulder. The surgery is regarded as minimally invasive thanks to the small incisions resulting in less uneasiness and shorter recovery time. The surgery is performed using a small fiber optic camera (an arthroscope) and other minor instruments.

During Your Operation

You must not eat or drink anything after night-time, the day before your surgery. When you wake up following the technique you will be wearing a sling with a body belt. This may be a normal sling or an External Rotation sling, depending on the technique performed. The sling should be worn at evening and when out and about for 3-4 weeks. You will then wean off the sling with the help of your physiotherapist over the next 3-4 weeks.

Who is a Candidate for Bankart Repair Surgery?

Candidates for Bankart repair surgery are patients suffering from enduring, extreme shoulder instability who have not found help from medication, physical therapy or other nonsurgical techniques. Bankart lesions or tears can occasionallycause recurrent shoulder dislocations, which may be due to that further damage to different areas of the shoulder. For those individuals that continue to experience disorders, Bankart repair surgery is often a good choice.

What are the Results of Bankart Repair Surgery?

Normally, when patients are fully cured from Bankart repair surgery, they report little to no agony and inflammation, a return to normal upper arm strength and a range of motion similar or exceeding levels prior to surgery.Generally, patients are able to do daily gentle activities with the operated arm starting three to four weeks after operation. Unstable shoulders may become firm after surgery so early (tender and protected) motion is often recommended. Patients can drive after three weeks following operation only if the shoulder can be used securely, and if the car has automatic transmission so the shifting of gears is not necessary.

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